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Signing Memorandum between Beautification Organization and University of Tehran

There was a friendly meeting between Dr. Shushtari, Butification Organization Manager, and Dr. Seif, cultural deputy of University of Tehran, accompanied with their staff at December 9, 2012 at Negrestan Garden & Museum. While talking on common activity fields of two organizations, they signed a memorandum to provide and compile plans for common cultural and […]

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Gathering on Architectural Study on Old Facades and Transoms of Old Tehran at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Following special gatherings of city, art, and architecture, the 5th gathering as “Study Old Facades and Transoms of Old Tehran” was held at Negarestan Garden & Museum cooperated with social-cultural organization of University of Tehran and Butification organization Tehran at May 29, 2013. The lecturers were Yaser Jafari, Kamran Safamanesh, and Amir Baheri who involved […]

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The Ceremony of Endowing Miniature Sculptures of Jahangir Arjmand to Negarestan Garden & Museum

Collection of Miniature Sculptures of Jahangir Arjmand endowed to Negarestan Garden & Museum. At the ceremony that was held at Negarestan Museum & Garden at January 28, 2013, deputy of museums of Social-Cultural Organization of University of Tehran, Mostafa Dehpahlevan, regarded endowment of such valuable works as artists’ affectionate to University of Tehran and Negarestan […]

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“Roozegar-i-Gharib” Teachings at Negarestan Garden & Museum Group discussion on moral life style at modern Iran

Cultural and Scientific Student Center of Negarestan Garden & Museum in cooperation with Museums Deputy of Social and Cultural Organization of University of Tehran held Q & A session on “moral life style at modern Iran” at May 13, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The session was held from 15-18:30 by Kianush Ayyari, director […]

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Manoochehr Sotoodeh’s 100th Birthday at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Professor Manoochehr Sotoodeh’s 100th birthday was commemorated at July 19, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. He is one of Iranian notables and glories of University of Tehran. As one of supporters of the ceremony, Museum of History and Glories of University of Tehran held the ceremony at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The ceremony was held […]

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Exhibition for Ali Asqar Petgar’s paintings and works at Negarestan Garden and Museum

First research gathering of Museum of Kamal al-Molk School There was commemorating ceremony of Ali Asqar Petgar at Negarestan Garden & Museum contemporaneous with 100th anniversary of him at Foroozanfar Hall of the garden at November 26, 2013. Several contemporary artists are among Petgar’s students. He and his brother, Ja’far, attended Mir Mosavvar Arzhangi’s classes […]

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Painting Exhibition of Seyyed Mehdi Chiti at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Commemorating rites of Seyyed Mehdi Chiti held at Foroozanfar Hall of Negarestan Garden & Museum at June 10, 2014 that was 18-20 pm; Dr. Ali Akbar Sharifi and Dr. Javad Ali Mohammadi lectured and finally there was a film on the great artist of Yazd. Master Seyyed Mehdi Chiti was born at 1899 at Mir […]

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Inaugurating Exhibition of History of Childhood Culture

Exhibition of childhood culture is so called exhibition inaugurated by research institute of history of children history and cultural-social organization of University of Tehran at Dec. 20, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The exhibition looks historically to Iranian children life since earliest times. Characteristically, the exhibition performs tasks coactively. Among remarkable sections of the […]

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