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Bust of Ferdowsi

History of Ferdowsi’s Bust at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Through millennium memorial ceremony of Ferdowsi at Iran, at 1934, at the same time, literati held ceremonies in various countries including France and Germany. Four hundred and ten of Iranian students at France saved some francs, each, to sculpt a statue of Ferdowsi and send it to Iran. They intended to contribute in millennium ceremony of Ferdowsi, Iranian epic poet. Despite of expensive costs that were hardly affordable, they shared to afford the cash for “Lorenzi” to sculpt the Ferdowsi’s bust. Lorenzi did not know Ferdowsi. To envisage Ferdowsi’s face he asked of students to sing his poems, they translated his poems into French and song to Lorenzi that made him to imagine a face and sculpt a bust of it, which now mounted at Negarestan Garden & Museum.

Of attributed cultural and historic values to the sculpture are symbolizing cultural and national enthusiasm of Iranian students at Europe. It indicates that the students were so sensitive to their own culture to feel responsibility to contribute in the ceremony. Characteristically, the sculpture was made just on imagination only with listening Shahnameh.

It should be noted that the sculpture was sent to Iran two years later and mounted in front of ex- faculty of literature of University of Tehran (now Negarestan Garden & Museum) at 18, Jun. 1936