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Exhibition for Ali Asqar Petgar’s paintings and works at Negarestan Garden and Museum

First research gathering of Museum of Kamal al-Molk School There was commemorating ceremony of Ali Asqar Petgar at Negarestan Garden & Museum contemporaneous with 100th anniversary of him at Foroozanfar Hall of the garden at November 26, 2013. Several contemporary artists are among Petgar’s students. He and his brother, Ja’far, attended Mir Mosavvar Arzhangi’s classes […]

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Inaugurating Exhibition of History of Childhood Culture

Exhibition of childhood culture is so called exhibition inaugurated by research institute of history of children history and cultural-social organization of University of Tehran at Dec. 20, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The exhibition looks historically to Iranian children life since earliest times. Characteristically, the exhibition performs tasks coactively. Among remarkable sections of the […]

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Call for old pictures Negarestan Garden

There is request of graduates of “Dar al-Moallemïn Älï”, “Däneshsaräie Älï”, “faculty of literature”, “faculty of science”, “institute of social research”, and “faculty of social science”, and the other people who are collectors interested in Negarestan Garden that own old pictures of Negarestan Garden to endow their photos to Negarestan Garden. Endowers will be member […]

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Negarestan Garden & Museum at Exhibition of Familiarity to cultural deputy office and student services organization

Since 27.Sep.2014, at the same time to 12th exhibition for familiarity to cultural deputy office and student services organization, Negarestan Garden & Museum pavilion involved to introducing Negarestan Garden history; museums and relevant collections including “Museum for Kamal al-Molk School”, “Glories and History of University of Tehran Museum”, exhibitions, galleries, scholarly sessions, thesis on Negarestan […]

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Exclusive program for Ghadir-i-Khumm

As an exclusive TV program, al-Eid al-Aghar (العید الاغر), is produced and directed at Negarestan Garden & Museum for Ghadir-i-Khumm by Islamic learnings group of al-Kowthar universal network. The program argues on subjects around Ghadir-i-Khumm position among Sunnis and Shiites then surveys al-Ghadir book to define Ghadir Speech. It should be noted that the program […]

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Commemorating Caligrapher, Master Mohammad Vali Kimia Ghalam, and exhibiting his works at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Master Mohammad Vali Kimia Ghalam was born at Zanjan at 1896. Since his early adulthood, he interested in calligraphy that makes him to be one of the students of Mirza Abdoljabbar Khamseï. He was uniquely mastered in all styles including Shikasta (broken) Nastaʿlīq, Naskh, Thuluth. He passed away at 1967. In commemorating him at Negarestan […]

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More than 3500 people visited Negarestan Garden & Museum during New Year holidays

More than 3500 people visited Negarestan at Nowrooz holidays. Come and go to/from Museum of Kamal al-Molk School; Childhood history Museum; Tehroon Café; Tehran tours from Negarestan Garden & Museum; Painting eggs festival; puppet theater; narrating ancient plays relating Nowrooz; Shahr-i-Farang; tile manufacturing workshop; book shop at Kamal al-Molk Museum, and Research Institute for History […]

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Exhibition for paintings and photos of Mahdi Taeb, Negarestan Garden & Museum

Commemorating ceremony of Mahdi Taeb was held at 12 Aug. 2014, at Foroozanfar Hall of Negarestan Garden & Museum. Mahdi Taeb was master in painting, photography, and calligraphy. With his younger brother, Hadi Tajvidi, he was among students of Kamal al-Molk at Fine Artistry School, who learnlearnt painting. At the same time, there is a […]

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