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Arjmand’s Collection

An Introduction for Miniature Statue Collection of Jahängïr Arjmand

Jahängïr Arjmand dedicated his collection of anthropological miniature statues to Negarestan Garden & Museum of University of Tehran, at Jan-Feb 2012. After primary preservation and conservation, it took times to design and manufacture appropriate windows, at the same time location to expose the collection, however, finally it opened at 9th July 2014 at Negarestan Garden & Museum of University of Tehran by Endowers and Donors Gathering of University of Tehran.

 Jahängïr Arjmand 1922-2013, Tehran

Sculptor, Jahängïr Arjmand, tried to make everlasting Iranian cultural, social, and political history of his homeland in his sculptures. Being made of “Styrofoam”, his sculptures are of valueless material, which never has been chosen up by any other artist.

He had been interested in painting since his childhood, especially drawing portrait, and usually drew his friends and teachers portraits. He started making sculptures when he was 44 years old without any relevant education. He used razor blade as the only tool. He worked so masterfully even at the age of 91 and transformed Styrofoam into beautiful sculptures that make visitors amazed.

Firstly, he cut a raw figure out of Styrofoam then worked out its details such as eyes, lips, and teeth, by the same razor blade, polished it by soft sandpaper, covered its face by stocking, and finally made up its face. Painting face, working eyebrow, hair, beard, and mustache were made of natural sheep wool and in some cases human hair. Clothing, shoes and hat were tailored with thorough attention on choices for material and color of textile.

Peripheral facilities of sculptures are made of Styrofoam, paper, cardboard, wood, and discarded things that were skilfully, thoroughly, and in detail worked.

It should be noted that Embassy of Germany bought his anthropological collection of Iranian folks and transported it to Germany; some of his works are also at Handicraft Museum of Velenjak, while several are at United States