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Seyyed Abdollah Anvaar at Negarestan Garden & Museum


Negarestan Garden & Museum hosted Seyyed Abdollah Anvaar at January 15, 2015 and talked on his memories in Institute of High Education, Dhkhoda Lexicon Institute (now Negarestan Garden & Musem). He presented valuable information of old Tehran historic context, Tehran gardens, and Negarestan Garden. He visited inner and outer spaces of Negarestan Garden & Museum and appreciated of preventing the garden destruction.

Born at 1925, Seyyed Abdollah Anvar is translator and one of pioneers of modern codicology in Iran. He is also known as codicologist, cataloger, mathematician, and specialist in ancient mathematical texts. He was manager of manuscripts section of Iranian National Library for more than 20 years when he formulated 10 volumes of catalogs of Persian and Arabic manuscripts. When Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute located at Negarestan Garden involved in compiling one of alphabetic entries of the same lexicon.

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