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master Sadr al-Din Shaiesteh” Artistic research gathering and his exhibition at Negarestan Garden and Museum

The 6th research gathering of Kamal al-Molk was held commemorating late Master Sadr al-Din Shaiesteh, of Kamal al-molk’s studnts, at Foroozanfar Hall of Negarestan Garden & Museum at January 13, 2015 from 16-18 pm. Hadi Seif lectured at the ceremony that ended to a film of life of the remarkable artist. There was also an exhibition of works, records, and pictures of Master Shaiesteh until February 11, 2015.

Sadr al-Din Shaiesteh Shirazi, miniaturist, painter, calligrapher, and sculptor (son of Haj Seyyed Alireza Shirazi) was born at Shiraz, Sar-i-Bagh district. He studied basics of art at Forsat al-Doleh Shirazi, then went to Kamal al-Molk as student. Mirza Mohammad Nasir al-Hoseini, titled as Mirza Agha,who is known as Forsat al-Doleh Shirazi, was poet, painter, musician, and a literary figure at Qajar period. Furthermore, he learnt calligraphy and gilding at Mirza Mohammad Taghi Mozhab Bashi. Kamal al-Molk, among his masters, was an exception that was adored by Shaiesteh until the latter’s last moments.

At his early adulthood, he moved to Tehran to learn painting and benefit from Kamal al-Molk who routinely tested newcomers at Fine Art School to assess their artistic potential. Sadr al-Din succeeded the test and could drew Kamal al-Molk’s attention while the other students failed.

Shaiesteh’s works performed naturalistically implying Qajar principles in his style, however, they indicate unique characteristic of coloration and composition. Sadr al-Din Shaiesteh Shirazi is among painers who are rare in Museums of Iran, but kept by private collections. He was considerably skilled in dramatization, natural coloration, and planned composition.

“KarimKhan and his minister, Agha BabaKhan”, “KarimKhan portrait”, “Agha Lotf Alikhan-i-Zand portrait”, and “a young Qajar portrait” (painting on a plate) are among his works.

Additionally, he preserved and renovated paintings of tiles at Arg-i-Karimkhani at Shiraz. He produced his paints personally. His works surface was dusty that was probably resulted of dehydration of an additional substance.

Sadr al-Din Shirazi trained many students including Manoochehr Mo’tabar, Habib Ayatollahi, Kazim Ordubadi, Nasir Namazi, lady Izzat Mohandesi, and Manoochehr Panahi who are modernists in Iranian paintings.


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