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Inauguration Ceremony of Museum of Kamal al-Molk School at Negarestan Garden & Museum


Museum of Kamal al-Molk School inaugurated at Negarestan Garden & Museum by Dr. Farhad Rahbar, Dean of University of Tehran; Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Mayor of Tehran; Ahmad Masjed Jame’I, member of Tehran City Council; and some of artists and urban managers at July 14, 2013. At the ceremony, “the mayor said that metropolises like Tehran have been expanded irregularly. Problems such as suburbanizing, air and sound pollutions, transformed Tehran into a crowded and agitated urban center. It is our responsibility trying to promote quality and quantity of daily life. Ghalibaf mentioned to activities of municipality in Cinema, theater, and sculpting fields and said, “In museums we should move toward developing cultural and artistic tasks to change them into complexes as fields for practitioners to be able to develop the city spiritually and intellectually”. He followed “we hope to revive original cultural, artistic, religious, national, and revolution identity by intellects and nobles help and no trial and error, and provide unstressed life style in Tehran. Ahmad Masjed Jame’I, member of Islamic city council, in opening ceremony of Museum of Kamal al-Molk School expressed, “it is necessary for me to commemorate late Dr. Hasan Habibi who had especial right in Negarestan Garden & Museum, because he tried to preserve and revive the garden where was Faculty of Social Sciences”. Confirming that it can be said that modern high education was founded at Negarestan garden, Masjed Jame’I added actually new science was founded at Negarestan Garden & Museum within modern educations, and here was “Dar al-Mollemin” [teachers training school]. The valuable building was among Marcov’s structures.

Remarkably, the museum is open during next two years at Negarestan Garden & Museum, according to Cultural Deputy of University of Tehran and Beautification Organization of Tehran agreement. People can visit the complex every day except Mondays.

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