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Exhibition for Ali Asqar Petgar’s paintings and works at Negarestan Garden and Museum


First research gathering of Museum of Kamal al-Molk School

There was commemorating ceremony of Ali Asqar Petgar at Negarestan Garden & Museum contemporaneous with 100th anniversary of him at Foroozanfar Hall of the garden at November 26, 2013.

Several contemporary artists are among Petgar’s students. He and his brother, Ja’far, attended Mir Mosavvar Arzhangi’s classes at Tabriz, then came to Tehran at 1933 and followed his training at Fine Art School. His first paintings were affected by Mir Mosavvar Arzhangi and tended to Impressionism but then shifted to Kamal al-Molk, Ali Mohammad Heidarian, and Ismaeil Ashtiani’s style. Since 1945, his works tended to loose brushworks with personal taste. In addition to painting, he had poetic taste. He passed away at 1992 when he was 79 by heart attack.

There is an exhibition of his paintings at Gallery of Master Ashtiani at the same time with his anniversary that is open to January 5.

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