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Commemorating Caligrapher, Master Mohammad Vali Kimia Ghalam, and exhibiting his works at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Master Mohammad Vali Kimia Ghalam was born at Zanjan at 1896. Since his early adulthood, he interested in calligraphy that makes him to be one of the students of Mirza Abdoljabbar Khamseï. He was uniquely mastered in all styles including Shikasta (broken) Nastaʿlīq, Naskh, Thuluth. He passed away at 1967. In commemorating him at Negarestan Garden & Museum, highly prized guests and his aesthete family attended the ceremony.

His student, artist Naser Javaherpour, noted that the master was witty humorist and never got anger.

Master Nasr allah Akhjeï, of glories, also reviewed memories of the late master Kimia ghalam.

There was an exhibition of the late worthy master with some works of Abdoljabbar Khamseï (Meshkïn Ghalam), at the same day, in Ashtiani Gallery of Museum of Kamal al Molk School that continued to 9 Oct. 2014.



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