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The Ceremony of Endowing Miniature Sculptures of Jahangir Arjmand to Negarestan Garden & Museum

Collection of Miniature Sculptures of Jahangir Arjmand endowed to Negarestan Garden & Museum. At the ceremony that was held at Negarestan Museum & Garden at January 28, 2013, deputy of museums of Social-Cultural Organization of University of Tehran, Mostafa Dehpahlevan, regarded endowment of such valuable works as artists’ affectionate to University of Tehran and Negarestan Garden & Museum while appreciating Master Arjmand for his valuable cultural action and hoped that the garden can make proper place to preserve and present the works to interested academicians and citizens.

Jahangir Arjmand was born at 1922 at Tehran; he sculpted more than 60 figures at small sizes and ethnological issues. At the ceremony he said, “It is pride to be here today, but what I should say I sculpted earlier, I mean whatever I have thought I have sculpted and I followed especially history of Iran in my works”. An appreciation board dedicated to him, on behalf of University of Tehran, to appreciate endowment the collection to Negarestan Garden & Museum; then audience visited the collection.

It should be noted that some of the sculptures depict professions, and the others are ethnographical ones, including sculptures of artists, small models of “Tekyeh Dowlat” and ” Hoseinieh Jamaran” and political figures.

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