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“Roozegar-i-Gharib” Teachings at Negarestan Garden & Museum Group discussion on moral life style at modern Iran

Cultural and Scientific Student Center of Negarestan Garden & Museum in cooperation with Museums Deputy of Social and Cultural Organization of University of Tehran held Q & A session on “moral life style at modern Iran” at May 13, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The session was held from 15-18:30 by Kianush Ayyari, director and producer of “Roozegar-i-Gharib” series and Dr. Abu Ali Vadadhir from Department of Ethnology of Faculty of Social Science of University of Tehran. At first part, 12th episode was completely played and at second part, students asked various questions on series and relation to moral conditions and criteria and guests answered them. According to Vadadhir who talked on ethics in modern societies, ethics is divided to professional and social ethics, it appears that we need figures that confirm social ethics and keep it alive while at present time social ethics weakened, for example the increase of hostility in society. Dr. vadadhir mentioned to two groups of physicians and said, “there are two groups of physicians in modern world, (1) professional physicians who use distinguishing tools to make distance with patients; they have abstract knowledge and they have downward relation, whereas their writing, speaking, and clothing are different with them. The others are Phenomenologist physicians who consider their patients’ pain and misery; they listen to the patients and generally their biome.

However, Mr. Ayyari involved in comprehensiveness of Persian satellite channels, preventing slogans at social and ethical aspects while answering to students’ questions on his emotions on producing the series and his attitude toward ethics and ideal.

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