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Manoochehr Sotoodeh’s 100th Birthday at Negarestan Garden & Museum

Professor Manoochehr Sotoodeh’s 100th birthday was commemorated at July 19, 2013 at Negarestan Garden & Museum. He is one of Iranian notables and glories of University of Tehran. As one of supporters of the ceremony, Museum of History and Glories of University of Tehran held the ceremony at Negarestan Garden & Museum. The ceremony was held presenting Sotoodeh, the prominent Iranologist, artists and academicians, Dean Rahbar, and social-cultural organization manager of University of Tehran. Among performances were inaugurating Professor Sotoodeh’s bust, inaugurating “Sarve-i-kohansäl” book, planting a tree by his hands, and presenting his books and photos.

There was also an exhibition of photos of various projects including pedaling, and planting trees from Astara to AstarAbad and ascending to various summits. “From Astara to Astar Abad” was one of Sotoodeh’s books that took 21 years to be authored.

Following various activities that began several months earlier, 100th tree planted at Negarestan Garden & Museum and Sotoodeh’s bust was inaugurated as one of glories of University of Tehran. During ceremony Dean of University of Tehran presented him a board of commemoration

Suggesting 100 T-Shirts, 100 signatures was among suggestions to commemorate Manoochehr Sotoodeh. There were T-Shirts that signed by figures such as Shahram Nazeri, Qobad Shiva, Idin Aqdashlu, Mohammad Reza Aslani, Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Khosrow Sinaei, Fatemeh Motamed Aria, Jamshid Mashaiekhi, and others. Some of the T-Shirts were exhibited at the exhibition.

The ceremony continued with breaking the fast meal.

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